Vino & Design

What’s better than wine? An ingenious and beautiful winery! Our idea is to show you some of the most stunning wineries signed by famous architects and artists together with making you taste wonderful wines of Umbria and Tuscany. An incredible tour whose keywords are tradition and style, sustainability and efficiency, architecture and nature visiting some of the wineries in which the tourism and the production of wine meet the design.

These modern “Wine Cathedrals” aims are the experimentation of new technologies, the development and promotion of the local territory and the attraction of visitors and consumers. These spectacular wineries are tourist attractions where architecture becomes mean of communication by exalting the product: a new way to present the company. This kind of buildings confirm the image of the companies through polished architecture projects that talk about history and innovation, past and present. If you are a passionate of art, architecture, design and your aesthetic sense is developed as much as your wine taste so this kind of tour fits you perfectly!