Stunning beauty, Cinque Terre’s heroic viticulture

Stunning beauty, the #CinqueTerre’s heroic viticulture: a project to relight a whole valley and to build a farm. Nowadays as Samuele said, “you can see why our wines are properly priced ..” Yes, totally!

I know that when there is the sun everything looks more beautiful and personally I was starving to see the sun so my enthusiasm today was insane! 😊

I went visit the Azienda Agricola Possa in Riomaggiore, one of the famous five towns in Liguria, aka 5Terre, in Italian. We met with Samuele Heydi Bonanini in ‘campagna’ where he has got two hectares of vines such as Bonamico, Bosco, Albarola, Cannaiolo, Moscato Rosse and Rossese Bianco, local grapes. Four hectares in total if I remember correctly.

It has been a joy to walk around those terraced vineyards. Initially, we went downhill on top of the tiny trattore, afterward for the return we had to walk because suddenly the small tractor needed for reparation. Practically It took us more than an hour to go back but it was worthy spent, breathing from that delicate wind, perceiving that warm and enjoying those unique panoramas. After this demanding adventure (the return) we all continued in the cellar, that is right in the center of Riomaggiore where we had a delicious fresh fish fry paired with all the wines. In the end, two splendid versions in tiny (pear and cherry wood) barrel and amphora of the Sciacchetrà wine. 🍷🇮🇹☀️

March 20 is declared as ‘the day of happiness’, so, trying to keep my constant thoughts aside, today, gratefully, I felt joy and happiness for what I was seeing, experiencing and tasting, naturally.