Porchetta Tour: a culinary adventure in Umbria, coming May 2020

This 4-days tour in Umbria is perfect for those who wish to enjoy one of Italy most popular street food: Porchetta! So mark these date: 21-25 May 2020 and prepare to over-indulge! Porchetta is one of Italy’s the most popular street food: a whole roasted pig with crispy skin and an unmistakable rich and herbal flavor. There many regional variations, […]

Olive Harvest Tour – join us in the green heart of Italy!

Join us for a delightful, intimate experience of new oil, old rituals, and breathtaking sights: discover the wine, gastronomy, and culture of Umbria in an unforgettable atmosphere! Mid-autumn, from 15-19th October 2020, we invite you to discover the ancestral rites of the olive harvest in a gourmet getaway with Umbria’s finest. You’ll get the inside scoop on […]

Conoscete la nuova voce del vino naturale in USA? Vi presentiamo Marissa A.Ross

Articolo pubblicato su SlowWine del 3 Luglio 2018.      Marissa A.Ross è autrice del libro Wine. All the time. The casual guide to Confident Drinking (qui) e del seguitissimo blog Wine. All the Time. Redattrice ed editrice della sezione vino per la rivista Bon-Appétit (qui), ha scritto online per Saveur, Elle, Man Repeller (qui), Pitchforke […]

Five amazing days in Umbria for a Porchetta Tour

May 2018. 
We where a small group, just 4 of us 3 from USA and one from England for 5amazing days in Umbria for a Porchetta tour.
   We stayed at Alla  Madonna del Piatto in sight of Assisi as guest of our gracoius hostess Letizia, We had coking lessons with her and then ate what we had cooked on the terrace over looking a beautiful valley of olives and other plants. 
 Every day was different, and fun and interesting, Our guide Barbara was wonderful and we had a lot of time to explore the villages we visited and also time to eat and drink and laugh always with a focus on Pork , the pigs and how they lived, how they where prepared for the festival, deboned and stuffed with herbs and salt and pepper and then wrapped and roast . The festival was amazing and we tried pork from many parts of Italy .
    Everyone was fun to be with and helpful with our questions , we also had a fine driver and visited vineyards too.
 Sarah Rheault