Mrs Ruth Kolodney

Dear Barbara, Antonio and I are reminiscing about our wonderful trip to Italy. Numerous photos have traversed oceans between Boston and Hong Kong: of Wo Hei and Antonio drinking wine in Montefalco, a group picture in Orvieto, the bruschetta with black truffles.  It’s endless. We have you to thank not only for squiring us around but for your excellent judgment in selecting hotels and restaurants and at the restaurants, for guiding us to some superlative food and wines. We loved visiting the vineyards at Montelfalco and sampling the sagrantino at so many different levels.  We hope that you will convey to Salvatore that his pappardelle with a simple tomato sauce and no parmesan was the best! In addition to all of your travel contributions (millions of them!) it was great to have you with us for five days!