Le Nez Dans Le Vert, Visit to Jura, France

Back from my latest trip to the small French wine region of Jura where I’ve attended Le Nez Dans Le Vert wine event. I had fallen in love with those wines in 2011 when colleagues gave me for my thirties birthday a wine from Jura by Lucien Aviet.

Later on, Poulsard became a beloved grape together with Trousseau, both hard to find at that time in wine shops, maybe today this is much easier…

In this trip, I was very looking forward to tasting these grapes again and I have been surprised instead to discover such good wines made of Chardonnay and Savagnin grapes, with that incredible lively acidity, saltiness, straightness and appropriate oxidation.

2017 has been a terrible vintage due to the frost that canceled the harvest of poulsard by some producers, for this reason, there were not many poulsard to taste.

Eventually, we had the time to visit legendary PierreOvernoy in Pupillin and DomainePigner in Montaigu the day before the event, it has been educative and very enjoyable to meet the producers who were very friendly…  (I hadn’t expected it.. #barbarathought)

Said that, Cheers to the winemakers of Jura wines who knew how to ride the wave and now are enjoying the footlights! 🍷🇫🇷👊🏻 #JuraWines #Arbois #France #lonslesaunier#naturalwine #organicwine #vindefrance#winelinkitaly