Colli Piacentini, Emilia wine tour

Emilia Romagna  

I feel to write these notes just after the weekend over the Colli Piacentini (hills of Piacenza), in the province of #Piacenza: the emotions are still strong that it would be different in a few days when the head would take over them. 

I’ve just returned home from an unforgettable two days where I spent several hours together with Andrea Cervini, Vini del Poggio, and Giulio Armani, two of the main protagonists of the Natural Italian wine scene, Az.Agricola Denavolo,, listening to their stories and tasting so many wines that I can’t count on them.

When you tell these producers’ names, in the natural wine’s world, people think straight to quality wines and unique goodness that only those who already know these wines can understand.

Wines from long macerations, spontaneous fermentations, indigenous yeasts, healthy grapes, respect for nature and soil, results of fruit aromas, citrus fruits, sweet spices, harmony, longevity, and drinkability.

Listening to Andrea, who always looks straight into your eyes, is like talking to your everyday friend, the friend generous and ironic, serious and precise, hard worker, passionate of his job, who always raises smiles at people and has got a contagious laugh!

Listening to Giulio and observing his graceful way and elegant manners are poetry for the soul. He has got humility and generosity that are disarming. With Giulio, we can feel enriched both humanely and professionally. He is a Master and protagonist of this #terroir. With modesty and expertise ways, has been sharing his knowledge with others.

Meetings with producers of this depth have been a very enriching experience for me and it makes me love Italy more and more. This aspect of humanity and generosity that most of we Italians have innate, and spontaneous, towards others, make us appreciated all over the world, and I’m very proud of it. 💘🍷🇮🇹

Barbara D’Agapiti