One of my dear friend said to me that I must have a blog to make people better knowing me. Since I am still not good in my English written it seems very hard to me,  but I’ll try it! So here I am today and my first topic is the Killer Cab Tasting.

Last week I had the chance to partecipate (I think) at one of the best cabs tasting in Massachusetts at Marty’s Liquor Store in Newton.  When I first saw the title it made me smile:  ‘Killer Cab Tasting’ ! – I asked to my American friend what that expression meant and she said that is used for demonstrating how awsome and fun would be that event!

I  immediately understood that I was loving my new american word: KILLER.

And it was really an awsome event with 83 cabs on tasting ! most of them over 40$ per bottle ! I never drank so much cabs in my life and all together !

Jordan, Stags Leap Artemis, Catena Alta, Anakota Helena Montana Vinejards, Atalon Napa, Ehlers Estate, La Jota, Mt. Brave, Stonestreet Rockfall Vinejard, Heitz Trailside, Hall, Grgich Hills, Ferrari Carano, Rith, Altamura, Altus Napa, etc etc etc

Nevertheless I appreciated the event a lot and had fun but I have to confirm that Cabernet is not my favourite grape. It’s just too much for me in terms of intensity, darkness of colour, alcool, power and body. That’s it.

Special thanks to Peter Tryba – wine director

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