Abbazia Benedettina di Sant’Urbano. Apiro, Marche.

Un gioiello architettonico del Centro Italia. An extraordinary example of Romanic architecture.

Benedictine Abbey dedicated to Saint Urbano, patron of Apiro in the region of Le Marche.

The origin dates back to some decades before 1000 and its hegemony at that time extended along the San Clemente valley.

Its external shape shows the three amazing apsis corresponding to the three naves. Inside the church is one of the few still keeping the three different parts of the Romanic architecture: the Aula, dedicated to people, the Presbytery in gothic style, reserved for the monks, almost a church inside the church, and finally the Crypt accessible through a narrow stair.

On the first light of the 25th of May, day of patron Saint Urbano, a lighting ray entering by a hole above the apsis, shines through the darkness and perfectly enlighten a circle engraved in the stone of the wall on the left side of the entrance.

Informative material from the Region of Le Marche

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